Payment Made
Easy & Instant

The easiest way to accept automated instant payments without unnecessary charges for smart businesses.     

Pay with TRANSFER 
from Anybank

The interbank transfers payment option opens up a new
market for you and activates dormant customers.

Why choose AutoCredit Payment?

  • More Collections

    Now you can leverage our new methods
    of payments to increase your collections. 

  • Sub-Account System

    Register as many subaccounts with the capacity
    for each subaccount to receive payments.

  • Payment Reconciliation

    We take over all your worries with our custom-built
    transaction reconciliation method.

Card options also available

Receive payments via debit cards online,
while offering the most competitive
transaction fees obtainable.

Smart payment Solutions for businesses 

No need to worry about the high payment gateway changes. We provide lowest charge on payments transactions.

We support all Nigerian banks

Detailed financial report analysis

Detailed reporting for accounting, reconciliation, and audits

  • Revenue Report
  • Signup in minutes
  • Send invoices
  • Financial Projection
  • Look up transactions
  • Get instant support

Monitor your business performance while on the move

Sign up for AutoCredit and track your most important business metrics on your mobile device. Monitor info such as sales, customer information, success rates, and more!

  • Signup in minutes
  • Revenue Report
  • Send invoices
  • Financial Projection
  • Look up transactions
  • Get instant support


AutoCredit has everything you need to manage payments for school administrator & school management platforms.


We manage payment for high-tier market such as the state government and redefining payment system in government.


We are digitizing cooperatives systems to revolutionize how individuals and SME's access financial services.


Healthcare solutions effectively deployed to suit the need of any healthcare establishment & pharmaceutical outlets.


Build, Run, and Grow a better ecommerce business that’s up and running in less time, with less cost.


AutoCredit helps businesses like yours get paid quickly and securely from anyone, anywhere in the world.

We take security seriously so every payment made on our platform is 100% secure, even exceeding industry standard.

With us, you only need to set up your merchant profile and designated accounts once within 30 minutes to complete.

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